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Friday, August 29, 2014

Are You Blind? The Embarrassing Truth About Malaysians

How can our country get any nearer to being a develop nation if its people are not opening up their mind? Instead of moving forward, I feel as if we have been stagnant for the past 10 years or worst still, we may actually be moving backwards. Technology may have made its way into Malaysia, but all of these advancement does not mean anything when the mindset of our people were confined within what they believe is correct. So many of my friends have left the country and are residing elsewhere. Some have even given up their citizenship, all disappointed and has loosen hope towards our ruling government.


I hope to live to see a better Malaysia. I love my country. 57 years gone, there are still a lot to be done... Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

First experience with Penang Run Series

I ran the Penang Run Series today. Penang Run Series is an interesting concept whereby the series consist of 4 half marathon distance races with different route each time. All the races are point-to-point, meaning the start and end point is a different place. By the end of the 4 races, participants would have covered around Penang Island on foot. The 4 races are 2 to 3 months apart.

Today I ran the third series taking me from Sg Pinang in Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang. It was a tough route as it brings us up the Balik Pulau hill; 5km of continuous uphill. The Nine Emperor God Festival is often associated with rain. True enough to the Chinese belief, the rain started the night before as I was going to bed. When I woke up at 2sth, it was still pouring. When I leave the house at 3.30am, it was still raining!

When I reach Tg Bungah, the rain has slowed to a drizzle. After meeting up with Sam, Gary and AL, we continue in a car to have our car park in Teluk Bahang where the end point is. Gary is the driver. At the time when we leave the car to board the bus, it wasn't raining anymore. We board the bus, and after about 35mins or so, we reach the start point at Sg Pinang. It was 5am. Queued half an hour for toilet and by the time I am done with toilet, I feel the droplets of rain again. The rain was on and off for next half and hour and amazing enough, the rain stopped as we're queuing up at the start line. At 6am sharp, the start gun went off. So was the rain. It was as if the gun broke a hole in the sky and the rain just poured down on the poor runners who are already cold. Instead of starting the run, I ran into the shed for cover.

Before the start (with Boon Wee, Paris and their friend)

Many other runners did the same thing, they hide in shelter hoping the rain would once again stop. It continues to rain cats and dogs not showing any signs of slowing down. 2 mins past before I decided to go for it. Run in the rain, wooohooo!!

Within seconds, my shoes were soak. It was all the way running in the rain. At some point it does slowed to a drizzle, but never for long. It was cold at the beginning, but I warmed up after awhile and it doesn't bother me anymore after that. Whenever I feel thirsty, I just need to close my mouth and swallow. I can feel the fresh water in my mouth already. I choke on water when the rain was too heavy, too much water going into the mouth...hilarious.

It was a really fun run for me thanks to the rain. Enjoyed the route up Balik Pulau. I've bike there often enough, but this is the first time I am going up this road on foot. On the downhill slope - 4.5km of downhill - many people overtook me. You would have think going downhill is effortless and easy, not for me. I was going downhill at almost 7mins pace. I ran the flats faster than my downhill. I had to stop to stretch a couple of times going downhill when I feel my right knee tightening up.

The view was beautiful at Teluk Bahang Dam. We had to run into the dam and u-turn out. It was very windy there. It was another 2km to the finishing line. Went down that slope from the dam to butterfly farm, pass Escape Themepark and there it is, the school which serves as the finishing point. It was not raining anymore at that point. I finish in 2hr 22mins.

It stopped raining when I finish (with Paris who finish in 2hr 12mins)

Took 2 cups of Vico, a couple of photos and splash...there it goes again! Everybody run for cover. Some just don't care anymore. The rain continues on in full mode for the next 2hrs. The performance, and prize presentation ceremony still had to go on, all while the rain is pouring. I don't think anybody can hear what the MC was saying because of the noise coming from the zink roof where we're taking cover.

We stayed until 10 plus in the morning, cold and wet. Car was parked quite far away. Had to walk under the rain to get to the car. The WW gang gathered and enjoyed the superbly tasty Roti Jala near the Teluk Bahang roundabout. Sharing our run stories, and of our friends result in Melbourne who also just completed the Melbourne Marathon.

It was a very well organized event despite the rain. I am glad I decided to run it...

Cheers to running!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feb 2013: A chill out month

Feb was a short month but a sweet one. Only 28 days in this month, out of that which I took 2 weeks off from work in separate occasion.

First of all it was Chinese New Year. I took a week off from work where my whole family went for a Road Trip to Koh Samui. We were being adventurous; not truly familiar with the road and can't speak or read Thai , we venture across the Thai border with a map and a borrowed GPS unit. Koh Samui is very far from Taiping, ~600km away. Because it was a free and easy Road Trip, we actually take our time with the drive stopping by cafes when tired with sitting in the car. We also stop by one of the bigger town along the way for a visit and photos. And since it was a bit late when we're done, we spent a night there in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Early the next day we drove to Don Sak to board the ferry over to Koh Samui.

Ferry from Don Sak to Koh Samui, quite similar to Penang ferry but their passenger deck upstairs is air-conditioned

I miss out on school mate gathering again this year as I was away in Koh Samui.
I miss the gathering last year too, being away in New Zealand.
Most of my school mates by now has either gotten married or had babies already. But I am still being a baby myself. But it's ok, I prefer being a baby than making babies anyway.

After a full week off from work, I was back at work for 3 days and I was off again for another week for HK & Macau trip on top of HK Marathon. Weeee....how fun! If only I can do that every month...

Other than a holiday month, it's also a month of spending spree. I bought a new phone (in replacement of my lost iPhone 4S) and bought a new running watch.

Loving my new gadget more each day

Some photo sharing follows... :)

First time dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Robuchon au Dome was located on the top of The Grand Lisboa Hotel, at level 43. I get to sit facing the glass window, it was amazing food with a view. Perfect! (although a bit hazy lar...). This is also my first experience with heated toilet seat and automated toilet seat cover. OK, I admit I am a frog under coconut shell, but those automated things are so cool :-D

Waiting for food to be serve

View of Macau from level 43

"This is where I was..."

Strolling along the UNESCO Heritage trail, you know you're in the UNESCO Heritage zone when you see wavy black and white tiles

Senado Square with Chinese Lantern decorations

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

SCHKM 2013

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is my 5th marathon so far.

As with all my other marathons, I train for it not wanting to suffer or get injured during the 42.195km run. Running marathon is not something that I will take lightly. Even with 2 months training, I still find it very tough to complete, it will always always involved some sort of pain...no matter how hard you train. (I am saying this as a normal human being, Kenyans are super human...they seems to be born to run so 42km is nothing to them)

Anyway, 2 months prior to event day I have started training. Bought a new pair of running shoes on the New Year (new year gift to meself) and from then I started my marathon training in it. I actually do not have that many weekends to train for LSD (Long Slow Distance), juz 6 weekends. So I started my first weekend with 21km LSD, the next one 23km, 25km, 21km, 30km, 25km...and that's it, 6 weeks homework done! I felt really tortured during that 6 weeks...I dreaded weekend during those times. I was so glad when it was all over.

Huge SCHKM poster on the wall in one of the MTR station in HK

And so, CNY week flew past and it is time for Hong Kong. Time to get the marathon over and done with. I was expecting HK weather to be colder but the few days before the marathon when I was there, temperature hover around 19C to 22C. It was cool but wasn't cold.

I was traveling with Chin Chin, both of us running the full marathon. Our race bib collection date is on Saturday and collection is in Victoria Park in HK Island. Few months before today, we received a letter that state our registration information and collection date and time.

Banner directing us to the collection tent

Victoria Park is quite a big park. Many people were running around the park that morning. I was also tempted to do a short run to warm up the legs, but I didn't have running clothes with me at that time. Bummer...should have pack it in my bag :(

On top of that, I was having problem with my legs on Sat because walk too much the day before. We joined Gim May and gang for makanthon and shopathon on Fri evening. Because we wanted to makan along the way, we walked 3 MTR stations instead of riding it. Bad decision. Woke up feeling some sort of pain on my left hamstring. I am quite sure it is not phantom aches or imaginary pain.

Got my runners pack and happy! The bag will also be use as a check-in baggage during marathon day

We were looking out for other familiar faces at collection area but didn't bump into anyone else. Whatsapp Gim May and gang and nobody responded to us (there's free wifi in Victoria Park provided by HK Gov). So we left the collection place headed for a carbo load lunch, and the plan is to go back to rest early and hope my poor leg will feel better the next day.

Here's what's in the bag for a marathon that cost HKD300; a bib, a baggage plastic bag, a technical T-shirt, a runner's guidebook, a statistic book showing you information about SCHKM (price money, number of runners for past few years, sponsors, etc etc)

We were all staying in Tsim Sha Tsui where the marathon start point is located. Gim May and gang manage to book a guesthouse closer to the startline, where as our guesthouse is one MTR station away.

On race day, I woke up feeling nervous (as like all other race day). Get ready, had breakfast, unload waste (hehe) and took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui station. It was cold and windy that morning. I had my disposable raincoat on to keep warm.

Tey always has his camera handy

We walk towards baggage deposit area, there was a long row of trucks waiting for us. My truck was no. 47, so I actually had to walk quite a bit to the last few trucks. Submitted baggage, we slowly make our way towards the start line. There's so many people everywhere. From the brochure, it mention that there were 72,000 runners sign up in total. 13,000 people signed up for full marathon category alone. Organizer even have to split full marathon runners into 2 different group, the faster group started at 6:40am, while the slower group starts at 7:10am. Well, me, of course, belongs to the 7:10am group :-)

I was quite far back from the start line because I had to go queue up for toilet. It was so cold that morning that I had to go more often than usual. Before the start, 2 MC were talking in Cantonese...poor angmoh-s would be so lost don't know what they are talking about. Throughout the race, all announcements and cheering were in Cantonese. Not very foreigner friendly lor...

We were let off on the dot at 7:10am (according to my watch which were sync to GPS time). One or two km after the start, we leave behind Tsim Sha Tsui's concrete forest and reach an open area, both side of the road were slope with little trees. That little piece of green slope becomes peeing ground for many guys. So many of them started running to the side of the road and mark their territory, LOL. It's a sight to behold.

Km4 is the first water station. I was quite thirsty at that point so I ran towards the water station. There were really so many people that I had to stop completely not able to move forward at all. I learnt later that actually, water station in HK Marathon stretches 500m or more (about 10 tables) so there's no worries about missing water stops. After the first water station, I got smarter. For the following water station, I usually skip the first few tables and let the crowd thin out a bit then only I run to the table to grab water.

Full marathon runners run across 3 bridges and 3 tunnels; Stonecutters Bridge, Tsing Ma Bridge, Ting Kau Bridge, Nam Wan Tunnel, Cheung Tsing Tunnel and Harbour Tunnel.

On the first bridge, Stonecutters Bridge is where the port is located, I think. Because there were a lot of those containers and those metal thingy I see near Penang Port. This is where I saw the first accident. Opposite the road where runners coming back, saw this old man lying by the side of the road with blood on his face and he seems unconscious. I am guessing he fall face first on the road. There were people helping him.

After the first bridge we went into a tunnel to pass this hill very similar to the Ipoh tunnel. It suddenly felt very warm but nothing too uncomfortable. My pace automatically increased to 6 mins/km pace because of the sudden absence of wind and I was running at the same effort. Never underestimate the power of wind, it can tires you down. The wind had been strong that day, running on the bridges was tough...so I am quite happy to be in the tunnel away from wind.

Coming out from the tunnel, we continue on to Tsing Ma Bridge and u-turn at one point. We get to see who's ahead of us and say hi to familiar faces; only if they heard me calling them, sigh, runners with earbuds stuck in their ears. Back to the start of the Tsing Ma Bridge we make a sharp turn onto the last bridge called Ting Kau Bridge. As we were reaching the sharp turn, I saw a 2nd accident happen just in front of me. This guy, I believe having tired legs, just trip and fell knee first on the rough tar road. Ouch! I heard the sound of skins scraping the road...it sounds really really painful. As it was downhill that time, we had a bit of momentum on us so with a fall, for sure the scrap would be real bad.

It was about 18km at this point. I wasn't enjoying the view anymore because it is just bridge, water and a lot of roads. I started to feel the pain on my skin at underarm (brushing of skin on arm with jersey) and my chest (brushing of skin with sports bra). No thanks to the new bottle of Body Glide that doesn't prevent chaffing. My old bottle works really well for me but this new one doesn't work :(

I stop at the First Aid tent to get a plaster from them. Stick it to where it pains and continue on. Plaster helps on the chest, but the underarm one wouldn't stick. It was really uncomfortable and painful. Ran into the 2nd Tunnel and again, my pace improve to low 6 mins/km pace. It was around km26 coming out of the tunnel. I am looking forward to the Harbour Tunnel linking Kowloon to Hong Kong Island as I remember that it will be km 31 when we enter it, which is also very close to finish line. At this point, I can't wait for the marathon to be over. Everywhere is in pain!

Doing some calculations in my head along this boring 6km, it seems that I will still meet my target finish time of 4hr 40mins. I am pretty happy with the thought of that. Boring...until came the Harbour Tunnel. Steep down into the tunnel (~20m below sea level), 2km in the tunnel and 500m very very steep climb back up. 500m to climb from 25m below sea level to 5m above sea level, after been running 34km. That is like a super duper tough feat. If that is not tough enough, after coming out from the tunnel, we have to run up a ramp, some sort like a flyover some more. Arghhh, I slow to almost a walking pace.

Coming down the ramp, we ran along Victoria Harbour towards Victoria Park where the finishing line awaits. At this point, the marathon and half marathon route were already joined together so there were really a lot of people. At some parts, it was really tough to run as there were many people slowed down to walk already. I was really tired and in pain. I saw my 4:40 goal slowly slipping away. I wanted to run faster, push harder but there's just no more energy in me to do so. Pain and tired is the only thing in mind, and of course the disappointment of not meeting my targeted goal. Regardless, I still have hope to better my previous Personal Best.

I kept running (or what it seems like running to me) with a very heavy feet, dodging people along the way.

And there it was, the sign that says last km to the finishing line. Wow, that must have been the longest ever 1km I have ever ran...

Zoom! and I did it. I cross the finish line at 4hr 45mins. 2 mins better than my previous Marathon time. Yay!

Boo! that I missed my goal by 5mins :-(

We were urge to keep moving forward as not to block the finishing line. Walk along...and just right ahead, I saw Chin Chin. She finished a min ahead of me. As we continue walking, this guy standing beside us suddenly collapse on the floor. He had some sort of seizure. First aid-er quickly rushed to his help. As we walk along we were passed goody bag and finisher medal. In the end, reached our baggage collection area. Collection was fast, I just need to go back to my truck number and they can find my bag very quickly.

Look at the amount of people; Background: skyline of Hong Kong

Overall, it was a very well organize event seeing that there are 72,000 runners. Volunteers are cheerful and helpful. Temperature was cooling at around 20C. The problem is the overwhelm amount of people, the many 'hills' that I have to climb (bridges and flyovers), the windy condition and the crowded road.

I ran from 7am to 12pm. Got a very clear tan line of my running jersey on my shoulders. I didn't put sunblock.

Look dry right? If in Malaysia, I sure wet from head to toe (still can manage a little smile although I am very much in pain)

And that ends a very long story of my fifth marathon experience.

p/s: sorry no photo from the run. I am serious runner, no carry camera to run :-P

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 2013

Ended 2012 with a 180km Interstate cycling event, the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride.

Started 2013 with a 80km Round Penang Island fellowship ride on the same event.

Been doing this for the past few years, which means I haven't been doing New Year countdown for a while. Oh right, I skip a year of Malakoff Ride as I was in New Zealand. New Year countdown in Nelson wasn't very happening anyway, but it was great memories that all of us gathered together at the same place on this day of 31 Dec 2011; Lie Yee, Chin Chin, Samantha Loke, Sue Cing and Jie Min.

~## Back to Jan 2013 ##~
This January is a month of running for me, lots and lots of running as I am in the midst of marathon training. I am training for Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon which is happening on 24 Feb. Every weekend of Jan is spend on running, one weekend longer than the previous.

Started with 20km on weekend #1, then 23km on weekend #2, followed by 25km on weekend #3.

I started Mandarin class. Sign up for Standard 3 class. Attend class every Monday and Wednesday. Surviving well. Many retirees in my class. Always overheard them talking about holiday trip; London, Scandinavian countries, Europe, Cruise. I jealous :(

Week #2
PD department teambuilding. One word, el cheapo. This team building consist of different challenges that all teams have to complete before the real team building day. And then on the real team building day (half day off on a work day), we have some light activities and refreshment (snacks only, not even lunch provided). Because of this team building, I received an email from a fellow colleague who scolded me for being inconsiderate because I voice out my disappointment on FB. No doubt I have fun on the team building day, but can't deny that I am still truly disappointed.

Weekend #3
This is the weekend of Penang Urban Triathlon organized by Chin Chin, her first sprint triathlon event. It was a busy busy weekend for me because I am kaypoh and been helping here and there. On Sat, help out on the race pack collection, and on Sunday, I was a volunteer helping with medal distribution. It was a fun event and there were many new triathlete participated. Happy that the event was a successful one despite first time organizing it. Many participants have nice things to say about it.

Weekend #4
Remember Penang Run 2013? The run full of controversy and has a fair share of publicity on newspaper. First, the Indians were protesting saying organizers inconsiderate to set the date on Thaipusam, then BN slam  Pg State Gov for banning the use of name 'Penang' in event...haiz, In the end, I also confuse with what is the real issue and not sure what to believe because newspaper are not something you should believe in. Regardless, I think politicians should just leave running event alone. We are there to run and not to be involved in some fight.

I sign-up for this run. And ran my 17km route. Came back and found that I lost my iPhone and a bunch of cash. Some idiot forced open my motorbike box and took away my beloved phone (and money) but kind enough to leave my personal documents, ATM and credit cards in place. Worst of all, I do not set password to my phone, did not backup data in the phone and did not activate 'Find my iPhone' function. It was a real lost cause, there's no way I can get my phone back. Feel so insecure having all my personal information out there, not knowing whose hand it fall into; my photos, notes, calendar, smses...OMG!

Can only hope whoever got the phone, clear all the memories away without looking through it. Can't imagine what some people will do with it.

The week that follows, I survived with a Sony Ericsson phone.
Missing my phone
Feeling down and helpless
Feel so disconnected from the world
Still hunting around for a new phone...


Monday, August 13, 2012

A packed weekend

I had a packed weekend.


On Sat is Ben Swee's Running Clinic in the morning starting at 7.30am. I am back to running now after many months of break due to injury, and this is my 2nd week back. I am taking a conservative approach in my come back, don't want to rush into it and get injured again. Today I plan to do a 8km jog in Botanical Garden before the running clinic which will be in Youth Park. I started at 6.37am (7mins late causing me only able to finish 7.55km).

The running clinic was organized by My Triathlon Shop, which officially open one day before on Fri 10 Aug. They sell Inov8 brand of shoes and at this running clinic, they have trial shoes for participants to try on throughout the duration of the clinic. I tried a pair of Road-X 255. It is a minimalist shoe, very little cushioning making my feet very close to the ground. That's the 'IN' thing in the running world now, minimalist shoes. Read Born To Run and I assure you, you'd be able to catch up to that hype.

All right, so after marking attendance (we were pre-registered) and putting on new shoes, the running clinic started by us running a few rounds around the Youth Park field. Then we go back to the stage area and was shown some dynamic stretching from hands to legs. Arm swing, leg swinging, bending on the hip, star jump and...er, that is all I can remember for now. Then off again to another few rounds of running. After that we were ushered off to the field for more strengthening exercises.

Stretching, which I think can tell from the photo I am not doing a good job :P

Lunges, many different way of it; static lunges, jumping lunges, moving-forward-lunges...by the time we are done with lunges I must have done a hundred times of it on each leg. Squats, also did many many times of it, static as well as moving squats. Running by lifting knee up high, butt-kicking run, hop + squat both legs, and single leg hop. Basically we were ask to do all sorts of leg exercises, it was very tiring and I sweat non-stop throughout.

When we're done, we went back to the stage area and was served Hammer Heed, it an electrolyte drink of strawberry flavor. The taste was quite mild and quite nice to drink. And most importantly, it was cold drink...very refreshing after such tough exercise. Next we moved on to stretching. Sitting down on the floor bending the waist, lying down strengthening the core, a couple of minutes of plank followed by side plank. And many other stretches that I think I have now forgotten. Sigh~

At the end of it, I was tired and hungry as it was near to 11am already. And I have been out running since 6.30 in the morning! Lastly was lucky draw. There was some Hammer products to give away, some socks and water bottles all sponsored by My Triathlon Shop. I was one of the lucky ones to win a pack of Hammer gel and Hammer Heed melon flavor. Am going to try them out one of these training days :)

Me, presented with my lucky draw prize from My Triathlon Shop taukeh soh on the far right and Mei Ling, a kind helper for this clinic in the middle

In the afternoon, I went into office to work for about 3hrs+. Been really busy at work and have a lot of things left to do. I had to left work even when I didn't finish with it because at night is i-Run 2nd Anniversary Dinner at Red Rock Restaurant on Macallister Rd in town. Car pool with Miow and Chin. There's plenty of lucky draw prizes for the night as well, contributed by the runners. From electrical appliances to sports equipment like shoes, cycling jersey, recovery drinks (sponsored by me and Chin Chin) and cash prizes. Dinner was a bit crazy as alcohol was involved. I was sober throughout. Didn't do much socializing, just sit at the table and eat eat EAT!


Woke up to a lot of muscle soreness on inner thigh, buttocks and abs. All thanks to Ben Swee's running clinic exercises the day before. That tells me one thing, that many parts of my muscles are not activated in running, I have to find ways to strengthen and build up these muscles. I plan to dedicate a day out of a week to do the exercises shown during the clinic. Body movement today is a bit slow with all the pain around, but I am happy with the pain...haha, yea, I think I am sick. Like to torture myself and will be very happy to get muscle pain. No training for me today, sleep-in day.

I eventually wake up at 8 something and got into office to work a little. Had my breakfast in the office too. Free coffee ma...haha. Left at 11am to attend 2nd day of Ben Swee's training talk. Today's topic is nutrition, training plan and transitioning to barefoot running. Quite an informative talk on the training plan. Break for lunch at 1pm, and continued with another topic by Samuel, covering about barefoot running and how to slowly transition to it without getting injured. I left half way to attend MPSP Green Run volunteer meeting.

I volunteered to help with Andrew's running event, MPSP Green Run to be held on 26 Aug. Meeting is at Youth Park at 2pm. I was assigned to the start/finishing line team. Was briefed on the running route, and some information about the event. Then our own small team have a discussion on what to do on event day and task assignment. The meeting was done by 4pm. The running clinic is still on-going so I head back there and was in time for the Q&A-win-a-prize session. I didn't win any prize though, coz I don't know how to answer the question they asked...haha, been missing a whole big chunk of the talk.

After the talk, I tag along when Chin Chin bring Yee Hua and Ben Swee for a short tour of Penang Heritage zone sculpture + mural. We walked around Armenian St, Cannon St, Acheh St and then moving on to the Tan Jetty and Chew Jetty. Of course, stopping for some street food when we see it.

Fish ball, pork ball, roti bak kua and many other food on sticks

When we're done touring Georgetown, it is starting to get dark and we drop Ben and Yee Hua to Ocean Green Restaurant where they'll be having dinner with their friends. Heard this place serve good seafood...**saliva dripping

We went to get our own dinner after dropping them and basically that ends my very packed weekend. And no, I am not going to wake up at 4am to watch Olympic closing ceremony.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

A start to a great week

Today is the start of school again after 2 weeks of break. Parents will need to go back to their routine of fetching kids to/from school and traffic will fall back to following school time.

Monday has been my swim day at CRC for the past 2 months. After all these time, I am still entering the pool as a guest paying RM5.30 per entry. I am a regular there already. The lifeguard, the security and the parking attendant knows me and always greet me with a friendly smiley face, cheers me up after my battle on the road with rush hour drivers. The lifeguard, Mr Lim is very helpful. He is always happy to share swim tips with many people in the pool. He observed and timed how long people takes to swim 50m.

Lately, I've been getting free advise from Mr Lim and I try to correct my problem based on his feedback. Today, I am happy to say that I swim my fastest lap in 3 years (I only start to record my swim time 3 years ago)

At dinner, I was intro to Yiruma, a South Korean internationally known pianist (which I don't know until being mentioned in the dinner, paiseh :P). And the instant I listen to his music, I love it. I spend the night listening to a few other songs before giving-in to slumberland.

I still keep this must-do-before-I-die-thing. I want to learn to play piano one day.

This song is on the top of my list but definitely not the only one:

Another favourite:

On top of that, I am so looking forward to team building tomorrow. Finally get my wish come true to an outdoor team building and not only going to a fancy place to have lunch. For the past few years, that was what we have been doing with our team building budget, eat eat eat and eat. What to do? Boss fancy eating and don't fancy doing anything else at all so usually we will just go to an expensive place and have lunch and then back to work for the rest of the day. Now that I am in a different team under a different boss, things finally changed. In conjunction with durian season, we will head to a durian orchard to have durian + other local fruits lunch and after that do some short hike around the orchard. Follow by a visit to nearby beach in Balik Pulau. Sounds fun rite? I hope it will turn out as fun as it sounds.

Another thing to look forward to is the wine and dine Italian dinner on Wednesday.

It will be an interesting week...I know it!


Friday, June 08, 2012

Time is gold

Time flies too fast, it is scary to acknowledge that it has been 6 months since the new year was here.

It went by so fast that I couldn't seem to keep track of what I have done in the past few months. I vividly remember doing quite a lot of cycling in the weekends, that Thu always comes too soon and before you know, it is Fri and with another blink, weekend has past. Have I not utilizing my time efficiently? Should I slow down the pace and start to notice and appreciate what is around me? How?

I feel as if I always have no time, to the point that I take note of where my minutes were spent. At home, like how it takes me 3 mins from the moment I step out of the door until when I get to my car (lock house door, taking lift, walking), at work it took me 3 mins to take me from my cubicle to my motorbike. Maybe this is what people called "living life to the fullest".

I guess I should start being active with this blog again. Then when I look back at it, I know what is it that has occupied my time.

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